Foreigners from the European Union are allowed to stay for six months per year on Mauritius territory without a specific visa.

However, it is possible to obtain a residence permit. Indeed, buying an RES apartment or villa for at least $500,000 guarantees the owner a residence permit for Mauritius.

There are also other ways to obtain a resident’s visa: as an investor, as an employee or as a retired person with an annual income of at least $40,000 over three years.


Without a license, a non-Mauritian citizen has the right to reside in Mauritius from two to six months per year depending on its nationality, either by being a tourist or by spending only three months in the context of business. All foreigners from countries of the European Union is therefore allowed to reside on the territory of Mauritius for a maximum length of 6 months per year with the tourist visa issued by the Mauritian immigration.

However, there are different ways to get a residence permit in order to stay beyond these 6 months. Here are three solutions to get a residence permit in Mauritius and thus claim the tax residence.

Foreigners were not eligible to purchase a property in Mauritius before the implementation of RES and IRS laws in the country. These laws now allow the construction of luxury homes, offering new villas and apartments of different values, usually near the coastal area of the island.

Unlimited permits of residence directly and solely relates to the purchase of real estate, apartment or villa, which need to cost no less than US $ 500,000. The investor will automatically be issued a permanent permit, giving him the right to take up residence in Mauritius for tax purposes, under the condition that the latter resides more than 183 days per year in the Mauritian territory.

This permit is given to the purchaser’s family, and thus, the spouse and children under the age of 24 get, by descent, this permit.

However, the permit will be valid as long as he remains the owner of his property, because it is directly linked to the asset and is passed from owner to owner. Therefore, when the owner sells his asset, he no longer hold a residence permit.

If an acquisition is made through a Civil Society or other company with several investors, one may be eligible for residence permits. However, this permit may be transmitted at any time to another member of the partnership as soon as he informs the competent authorities.


In fact, a foreigner who wants to install his own company or practice a profession on the Mauritian territory such as, doctor or consultant for instance, will settle in Mauritius with a residence permit valid for three years, renewable only when meeting authorities conditions required.

Part of the exertion of a profession, an initial investment of 30,000 US Dollars is mandatory for the launch of its business, as well as obtaining the necessary permits that depends on the professional activity wishing to be exercised. Thereafter, he must then achieve higher annual figure sales of Rs 600,000 so as to justify that his business is profitable and worthwhile.

In the case of the creation of a society, the law states that since 2002, the foreigner has the right to create a company and own 100% of the share capital with the reservation of a list of specific activities already established by the Mauritian authorities. An initial investment of 100,000 US Dollars that excludes land purchase is mandatory. Thereafter, the contractor will generate an annual turnover of over Rs 4 million, or about 100 000 Euros.

Residence application must be made to the Board of Investment (BOI). This residence permit is valid for a period of 3 years initially and may then be renewed. The investor will be eligible to apply for a residence permit of a 10-year renewable term after the first 3 years.

In any case, it is the BOI that will issue authorization for permanent residence. There should be a careful study of the file of each foreigner, taking into account a number of criteria such as criminal history, results in a list of compulsory medical examinations, or the justification of skills candidate in the chosen activity before confirming the request.


Its pleasant tropical climate, its quality of life, the politic and economic stabilities, makes Mauritius a popular destination for foreign retirees. In recent years, a foreigner has the right to retire in Mauritius and obtain a residence permit.

To do so, he must be 50 years old minimum. It is sufficient to justify a minimum amount of 40,000 US Dollars revenue obtained outside Mauritius that must be repatriate annually. More simply, he must prove a minimum annual transfer of 40 000 US Dollars or approximately € 31,000 on a bank account in Mauritius.

It is important to note that retired permit does not necessarily require the purchase of a property. The retiree can easily choose to rent a house or apartment. The residence permit is valid for a period of 3 years, after which an application for permanent residence permit valid for a period of 10 years can be performed. The permit is valid for the applicant and his spouse.

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