Evaco subsidiary Evaco Holidays can manage property lets for Evaco's owners, providing them with an attractive, stable income in Euros.

With years of experience in the short term rental of villas and luxury apartments, Evaco Holidays guarantees impeccable service and handles all management and maintenance issues.

Evaco Holidays provides:

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Rental investment consists of acquiring one or more properties that would be thereafter rented either on long or short-term conditions, benefiting you of an income through a real estate investment.

Mauritius ranks among the most attractive countries for investment in real estate abroad. Unlike those who are opting for countries like Morocco, Tunisia or Spain, Mauritius distinguishes itself by its high-end real estate. Beyond the pleasant climate residing throughout the island and its idyllic beaches of Mauritius, the political and social stability is reassuring. Business is booming there, and the country welcomes foreigners. There are no significant barriers in regards to languages, thanks to the bilingual Mauritian population that speaks both French and English.

Therefore, your rental investment is supported by a steady tourism.


Although Mauritius has been considerably developed during the last decade, it has preserved all its best features for which the island is greatly appreciated.

In fact, despite the fact that Mauritius is often ranked among the luxury destinations, the cost of life in the country is affordable; thanks to the stability of exchange rates of the Mauritian rupee against foreign currencies in Europe. The exchange rate of the currency of 1€ varies between 39Rs and 41Rs. Contrary to other very luxurious destinations, Mauritius preserves its authenticity. The island is greatly charming in its own, keeping its visitors. Many tourists who visited Mauritius generally come back at some point, and for most they come back every year.

Consequently, even if the first visit of Mauritius often takes place in a hotel, people who return regularly to the country are seeking for independence, villas and apartments for short-term rentals; ideal products to meet this need.

Furthermore, many travellers of Reunion Island, the Middle East, or even South Africa come to Mauritius regularly, either for a family vacation, or due to the aerial nearby.


In Mauritius, the most appreciated period of the year is summer, lasting six months from November to April. However, some regions are proving pleasant places to visit all year long, with a constant climate offering a vacation from winter to summer. Mainly in the northern region as well as the west side of the island, attracting tourists all year round.

All Evaco Group’s real estate projects are based in the north of the island, precisely at Grand Bay. This seaside village combines business with pleasure: it seduces its visitors with its beautiful beaches, mild climate all year round, and also by its infrastructure.


During its achievements, the group has understood that establishing its own subsidiary would have enabled Evaco to meet the expectations of owners wishing to invest in the Mauritian real estate market. On the one hand, they trusted Evaco and on the other hand, those who wished to rent their property: Evaco Holidays, fully accomplished since seven years the group's activities, rental management.

As soon as the investor becomes the owner of his property, it is handled by Evaco Holidays. A professional team accompanies each owner to reconcile flexibility of use, financial profitability and peace of mind.


Investing in Mauritius offers an additional advantage due to its attractive tax.

This essential aspect makes investing in Mauritius appealing, with low costs and very little tax. An agreement on a non-double taxation between Mauritius and several other countries, notably allows foreigners to either enjoy a total exemption or on their taxes in their country resident. The imposition in Mauritius is a tax capped at 15%. Rental incomes are therefore taxed at that height.

After the implementation of the rental period, the resale of the property may prove to be a good way to optimize the initial investment for a capital gain. By allowing the sale of a villa or an apartment that has already gained a reputation in seasonal rentals, resale may be very conclusive.

Our team can also contribute to the reselling of owners’ property. The realization of an interesting capital gain may encourage investors to reinvest in new real estate programs, and thus repeat the rental operation by increasing over time their personal assets.