Located only 200 kilometres from Reunion Island, Mauritius is a jewel in the Indian Ocean with enchanting white sandy beaches and turquoise lagoons. Grand Baie, the main seaside area in the north of the island, boasts a stunning bay, splendid beaches and the most beautiful sea journey in Mauritius

Along the coastal road there is a large choice of restaurants with varying influences, bars and fashion outlets, making Grand Baie an exceptionally lively and vibrant village.

Only 20 kilometres from the capital, Port Louis, Grand Baie has developed considerably in recent years and can offer all the necessary infrastructure and services.

Grand Baie is where many Mauritians and expatriates call home. Offering a warm and sunny climate all year round, easily accessible and close to the island's most beautiful beaches, the village offers its citizens an exceptional quality of life. With a large choice of activities including shopping, restaurants, bars and water sports, Grand Baie is a unique destination in Mauritius.

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